74/100. Day 2 of BPFT. Though it wasn’t imperative that I attend the second day as well, it somehow seemed wrong to not go. But, it was difficult to dredge up much enthusiasm – even when I thought if it as another opportunity to wear a saree.

So, I thought up a scheme. Of pestering this particular friend, Tejas, to come. We hadn’t met in two years – incidentally the last time was also at BPFT – and hadn’t spoken either. But he had been on my mind – especially because whichever mall I went to, I knew the Diwali decorations and installations I was admiring was done by his extremely talented wife, Nitu, and him.

So I texted him – almost on the hour every hour till he agreed to come. A fashion designer by training, Tejas was more into choreography, styling and visual merchandising when we first met and so, the perfect companion to dissect or simply enjoy a showing.

We takes fashion. We talked trends. And we talked family. How lovely it was – to see that connections, when real, endure. There are big gaps in our awareness of what had been happening with the other. But, there were no gaps at all in feeling that instant connection again.

This day also, the place was full of our photographer friends. But, again it was a selfie kind of day. Though we did manage one photograph taken by another person. The saree is a repeat, so a photograph wasn’t really that important for the pact.

What we celebrated that day was the pact of friendship. The old-fashioned kind. Which may not always be on-trend, but will always be in fashion.

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