Three weeks ago when I walked in an event to listen to a mother, I hardly knew what is in store for me. I came out pumped and excited. She exactly told the audience what she was going through couple of years ago, a scared and horrified mother looking for answer and help. But when found out there is none she decided to make her own path, fight for her own son and build a community for her son and family.

She did for her son but along the way she build a community of parents, patients, caregivers, doc, scientists friends and family members.

Nancy Frate, Pete Frate’s mother. Don’t know Her??? OK did you take the Ice Bucket challenge last year? Did you hear about ALS? Then you know Nancy and Pete for sure.. She is the powerhouse behind that kid who inspired the world to do something extraordinary!


She just doesn’t tell you her story she challenges you to do more than you can, push your limits and go beyond anyone’s dream to achieve what is impossible.She inspired me in many ways that day and I decided I will go on my mission.. Slowly but steadily.. Empowering mom. That’s what I want to do and I need your help.

The company I work for honored Nancy in a big reception last night and I was invited by Disability Awareness Alliance. Imagine a cold November evening in Boston but I was determined to honor Saree pact and a mother we all admire.

This Saree was a gift from “Amma” our own Viji Venkatesh, she wore it to honor my cause “Autism” at “chai for Cancer” at my home. I dont have to tell you anything about her.I cannot tell you how surreal it was to be with a powerhouse and determined mother and warpped in another Amma’s love and strength and energy. I felt Viji right there with me ..

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