A Kalamkari cotton , yes one from my Hyderabad Badmaashi as Anju termed it ! But tell me how could I resist picking this up ?
From the “thaan” and found it to be only barely 5 meters but I decided to augment that with a little bit of black material and hey I get my full quota of pleats and a long enough Pallu .

In Bangalore with my patient group and celebrating the Global Maximize Life Essay award won by young Sangeeta belonging to that very group , the Friends of Max, Bangalore .

The #100sareepact Bangalore Pacters have interacted with FOM when Ally hosted a Chai for Cancer fundraiser for their benefit . Having Ally , Anju and Ketav with us was very , very special .

I never question or try to analyze the good things in life . I just revel in them with unquestioning acceptance . So the event last evening was was like that . And I reveled in my friends all coming together and celebrating !

As I am writing this a thought comes to my mind . And that is
this :

My patients have taught me how they do that with anything that is dealt to them . They factor their diagnosis into their lives and their acceptance of this new situation comes out of an understanding of its impact and implications . It is definitely not unquestioning .

Sangeeta and her father Param’s story is of one such determined and committed journey that was resumed after their life was rudely interrupted and how they brought it back on track with a carefully reconstructed new ” normal “.
Here’s to them and to their friends !!!

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