#100sareepact 46/100

This looks like a saree, but didn’t start life as one. I first saw it on my wedding day, gracing the head of my groom. I thought I could use it as a dupatta, but when I started folding it, I realised it was long enough to be a saree. My mother in law laid first claim to it (and she has every right to- she gave birth to the groom), but I soon sneaked it away from her. Over the years, I have probably worn this bandini “saree” more often than most of my other sarees.
For Diwali, I draped the saree the Coorgi way- if I was apprehensive about tucking the pleats at the back, I needn’t have worried- it was as easy to carry off as any other drape. Seen here, with my saree loving mutt, Rocky.

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