Now it is in routine that when ever I go out I prefer wearing saree…..few weeks before only I was reading an article on BEATLES ….The Legendry English Rock Band …they came to Rishikesh ashram in the spring of 1968…..had stayed learnt meditation and written 48 songs ….in the Swinging sixties Rishikesh was an obscure little place ,quite unknown to most of the world outside .Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of Transcendental Meditation ….Here I would like to tell you about the wives and girlfriends of BEATLES during their visit in the year 1968…….long before …..all ladies were wore only sarees only …..and that really had a great impact on me …..when they could then why not we…..???? an honest I never heard any song by Beatles as I only listen songs…..but I understand the following they have all over the world… daughter is a big fan and I know my children love to listen their music…..but now I m their fan because of the sarees …..i wanted to post the those pics….but so sorry I lost that news paper somewhere….but next time whn I will visit to Rishikesh I will go to the ashram and take the pics….for our pact….about saree this is again a Gandhi Ashram pure silk in black n red colour ….i liked the saree because of its print…..foot print of goddess Lashmi….almost 12 years old saree.

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