This beautiful cream self print huge border in dark cream made in India and gone abroad and came back to its native place. My inlaws side one of my aunties settled abroad very long back around 40 years ago while going she took this saree along with her and unable to wear it as it is huge in its length and width, but beautiful colour and still shining. she is my mother in law’s Sis in law and given to my mother in law. As my MIL cant wear such a huge sarees coz of her short height she told me that as I am taller than any woman so she gave it to me to wear. Anyhow before she handed over to me I liked this saree very much and just cant ask her always. But she knows anyhow she cant kept the saree like that she wore once and unable to carry it so atlast it came to me. I too unable to wear this saree to work and i have other saree to wear on festivals. So this beauty lying unattended for a long time. 100sareepact pulled the saree out to show some sunshine. I get time to take a pic only on holidays. Being a sunday I want to take it before preparing for it my son came and stood beside me. He loves to take pictures with me and that I have to go for it no option left for me. So this beauty is in silk and in selfprint and I dont know it is woven kanjeevaram or not.

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