Day 70/100
Highlight of last Diwali was my determination, to be strong and to bounce back, like a suppressed spring would do, from a disturbed mind and brief spell of depression caused due to the ill health of my dad. To add to my woes, it was the first time I was all alone in Delhi home on a Diwali day. My husband and son were away on a foreign land. My work compulsions kept me in Delhi.
I had no enthusiasm to celebrate the festival alone. Thought of playing low as I felt lonely and depressed. However my basic, so called “strong personality” did not allow me to be depressed for long. My inner voice said every situation is a temporary one and this too shall pass!!! Nothing could hold me back. First step towards the festivity…drive down to my favourite saree shop NALLI…which always has been an uplifter of the mood…the sandal wood fragrance in the air worked wonders on me… Chose this Tussar silk saree with Kantha work all over … The saree shopping followed the usual goody preparations to welcome Diwali, that followed the home decoration and welcoming friends over. To my amazement I was back to my normal self in a short span of time.
As put by some one, everything is in the mind…we need to accept the situations as they are and do the best possible things to create positivity around!!!!
Can this be called a ‘Nalli’ story Anju ? 🙂

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