Saree story # 23
Occasion: Colors and Flowers on Choti Diwali in preparation for Diwali tomm.
I had applied for leave to prepare and celebrate Diwali this full week. And I’m enjoying every single minute of every day of my Diwali holidays from cleaning every nick and corner of my house, of course with the support of my domestic help. And when two hardworking women are at work, results are real clean and shining 🙂

I’m loving everything in my house now; some things which were not in use were shared with others where they could be used better. I believe in keeping the things till they are in good condition or can be used some time now or later by me or by someone, instead of just discard them off.
Flowers to decorate the house and to use in Puja were bought only a day prior to Diwali as I do not prefer to buy them any more prior to that. I had purchased colored Boorada (colored wood sawdust) on last year’s Diwali and a lovely rangoli was made out of that. So I decided to go with the same, as compared to colored rice flour for making rangoli in front of our house door. While doing that I saw different colored rice grains in bottles at the shop that gave me an idea to make another rangoli design using them this year. Also bought yellow and orange colored Genda flowers mala (garland) with Ashoka leaves mala. I was looking for Gajra (Veni) that I could put in my hair tomm, but did not find in any nearby flower shop, hopefully should get one tomm.

I’m repeating this special saree which is made out of waste cotton and silk with handpicked motifs; I’d purchased this saree from Vimor this year after joining the saree pact. Vipra Muddaya thanks for taking the effort to deliver it in North from South.
Wishing you all and your family a very happy Diwali.

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