A Kanjeevaram Silk from Poompuhar in Delhi . Bought in Oct. 1974 and worn exactly 41 years ago to the minute now . Yes, my “Nischathartham” Podavai . The Saree I wore on our formal engagement , which , in our Iyer marriages , is the ceremony held on the eve of the day of the marriage .
It’s the favourite from my trousseau.
The minute I saw it I loved it and wanted it. Our marriage was fixed on October 8th 1974 for the 10th of November 1974 . Which left my parents with exactly 4 weeks to get organised . And boy what a great job they did !!!
It was a whirlwind four weeks . The saree shopping had to be done first and sister Raji worked like a maniac getting the blouses done in time .
All my sarees were bought in one day , three beauties in Popmpuhar and two in Co Optex .
I love them all so dearly still . Even though there were comments at the wedding from the “boy’s” side ..Aiyyo !! Hardly any jarigai on the bride’s Sarees !!!
But will you just look at the sheen and shine and the colour on the saree even after all these years ?
I wore it today because we had the Diwali Puja at our office premises .
We are so lucky to have this wonderful business centre where our office is located . The management is so caring and considerate knowing that we work with patients and allowing us many benefits and comforts that help us serve our patients in that much better a fashion. The Puja makes us all feel really good and as for the team that looks after the Centre ? They are simply the best human beings ever . Anand the Security Guard , Bhosale Kaka who looks after the Parking Lot , Baswant and Shiva who man the Reception Desk and Julie Mausi who keeps our offices spotlessly clean and whose sarees are legendary . And who ensues I have my tea on time , gets my coconut water and cuts my salad everyday .
Just greeting them on Diwali with sweets and gifts is not enough . Everyday I thank the Universe for giving us this wonderful support system .
And Baswant and Anand love the saree pact and the fact that I am wearing sarees more often these days . Shyly , they have told me , many a time , ” Amma , aap Saadi mein bahut achi lagti ho” Bless them .

And oh wait , there’s more ! If anyone had told me the night I got engaged that 41 years from then I would be fooling around in the jamming room of the studio of the most famous heavy metal band this side of the Rhine would I have believed them ?

Son Vinay dropped in at work and as I dropped him off at the studio where he and his band jam I was like hey , you guys want to be in my Saree pact ? Not that they had a choice but how sweet were they ?

Bhayanak Maut !!! Guys you are the best ever and thank you for being in my life . I love your music , your energy , your stage presence and your attitude . You are kind, sincere , caring and hardworking young men . You make your families so proud of you . You care so much for us . For your fans .
Bless you guys !!!