Date: April 28

Day 10/100 – A double digit!!! A special saree for this special occasion

This is the ONLY saree that I have bought for myself…way back in college. On a Saturday, a whole lot of us from Miranda House Hostel went shopping to the emporiums in CP. For the non dilli walas – there is a whole line of emporiums from all or most of the states of India near CP. We used to all love shopping there. Memories of that shopping trip including the multiple hitches we took to get there are still fresh in my mind smile emoticon Geetu Kohli Sondhi, Namrita Sharma, Priya Agarwal Jain Alka, Shalu…

And then it was worn on the MHH Hostel night. Ahhh…those were FUN parties – we were alowed to invite non hostel walas including boys for this party.

Raji Menon – my dear day scholar friend – here is the THEN pic. Let me see a NOW pic in a saree please.

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