Hmmm. My Son in saree atlast he also joined the 100sareepact. He is seeing me in sarees every day the day his born and till date and nowadays I am more wearing so he is enjoying and yesterday just hinted me with his actions that he want to drape saree he calls the saree office saree coz I wear them to office. Being Autism child he express a lot but speak less. So he too want to enjoy the drape the way I am. So I drapped a saree according his wish the saree which is lying next to me and just taken off after came from work. My son litterally loves the sarees whenever I drape and when I wear some shining jari and other jhil mils he experess his love through kisses and hugs to showing effection that I am good looking in saree. So specially I would like to wear more like his taste when he becomes elder. I know his taste of colour is better than me.

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