One of my favorite, this Tussar was a purchase from CKP a few years ago. Its an amazing color and the texture and fall is just awesome.
It’s a ‘Aanai karuppu’ color. Elephant black or gray.
Black is a winner on my list and I have every conceivable material, design, pattern, print, paint, embroidery with black and something, something and black, black and black……
My mother in law simply did not like black. Absence of color she would call black. I would always eagerly display all the shopping I would do and whenever she saw black she would frown and say why black? Then I would tell her “illama idhu black illa, very dark blue” or very dark brown” or some such thing. ??? I would exasperate her no end….. “Enna color idhu…. Boodham maadri irukku….” Was her constant comeback……As if anyone has seen a Boodham….

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