The saree pact has sort of liberated me of the hype associated with draping a saree, which I necessarily didn’t have but it was the general feeling associated with a saree. I’m not surprised anymore and neither are my colleagues on seeing me in a saree on consecutive days. I never thought I’d be wearing a saree so often to work outside India and be so comfortable with the thought.
A big thank you to Ally and Anju for bringing this change in me and of course, expanding my wardrobe by leaps and bounds!
This simple woven cotton saree from Nallis is a gift that I gave to my mom a few years ago. She handed it to me a couple months ago since she sees me using this more than her. I know she’s very happy that I don’t think about wearing one and am visibly a very happy woman in sarees!
I won’t complete a century this year but the pact has been a personal success for me for reasons mentioned above!

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