The Annapakshi is a mythological bird which, although resembling a peacock, is a mystical bird that supposedly lives in heaven and is known for its purity, divinity, prosperity and beauty. It is said to have the innate capacity to discriminate between milk and water, and therefore can drink the milk while leaving behind the water. Philosophically, this stands for a person who is capable of transcending the water, the material principle, and can comprehend the very essence of this universe, its pure consciousness.

Two more gems from the vintage wedding set, an olive green mysore silk with jari squares, which was a gift from my sisters-in-law, and a rama green one from my parents.

My mother and I love the annapakshi design which appears in the border, so I’ve highlighted it.

Both these sarees are almost 25 years old, and my friends are surprised looking at their colour and lustre; such is the long lasting beauty of well crafted pieces…I salute the weavers.

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