The reason I am Mrs. Pandey today

I was 13 when I entered high school, 13…..and I had to make a choice if I wanted to study science or non-science subject. We were the last batch of High school and MP board was implementing 10+2 next year onwards. I decided to study Math because all my older cousins did that. So to deal with Math phobia my mother found a tutor for me, Shaila Tai, who lived a block away from us and was finishing her Masters in Math’s. My Math tuition started and she decided her brother would study with me too who was my batch mate. I have seen him around who wasn’t much of a talker. The younger brother protested but finally surrendered. He was quiet and very intelligent and may be little annoyed that this girl cannot finish the math problems like him in minutes.

Over the Math problems the brother and I became very good friends. The friendship grew. I was a debater, writer and did everything else but study. On the other hand the friend did only studies. I think we complimented each other since then.. a future in making? Who knew..

Fast-forward 11 years I married that brother of my Math Tutor. Rest of the story some other day.

The teacher became my sister in law, she took me in her heart and made things easier for me when time was rough, she is the one who welcomed me in the family. All these year she showered me with love and care. She is my confidant. If I want to complain about Ashish she is the one I go to. She would listen to all my complaints and not judge. I think in this world she knows the best how much her brother means to me but once in a while I get to be a wife who wants to complain. She loves her baby brother but puts up with a “nakchadhi bhabhi”. I am very fortunate to have a great partner and best friend as husband but I am luckier to have the best sister in law one can ask for.

A yellow plain crepe with brocade blouse.. both from her when I visited her last year.

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