56/100 #100sareepct is one of my brightest and vibrant collections till date.
The first of #Rangga series, picked up from an exhibition a month back as my #PujoSaree 2015 🙂
Since the stall was too crowded, a quick search for an easy to drape cotton saree difficult; Aditi referred this specific piece. The saree fabric just cling your body and makes you feel like a layer of butter all over. The fall is amazing too.
The combination of ‘Ranee’ colour with an uncommon yet traditional border in pastel green portrays a beautiful combination and looks great after you drape it!
While buying the saree, I instantly thought to stitch an unusual /designer blouse for the same.
#FirangiDesi helped me with this perfect offbeat match! The multicolour neck piece was an ideal accessory to complete my morning look.

MohaSaptami was celebrated in office in a super candid way, when Paro & SJ came for special lunch.
Obviously SJ had to become the photographer and we two posed instantly!

The greenery, ‘Pujo in air’ feeling, nirmal adda, sensible discussions, amazing food & wonderful company made this Saptami, a memorable day indeed. A feeling no masking environment with true colours of bonding.

Let’s name the story in a bit BONG way!!
Rangga te Rongeen Romoni!!! (#Rangga adds that extra punch to these colourful women)

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