Paisley print in my favourite shades of turquoise and grey and the crepe silk is as soft and slithery as can be . This is a decade and more old gem from Pitambari that I resurrected by re falling ! A good and sure shot trick to rejennuvate old and well worn sarees if any !
Adding an old picture when I wore it first on a trip to Calcutta and see how the Saree still looks so awesome .
Wore this crush proof drape yesterday for the day long trip to Pune for our last Maximize Life Campaign with my young colleagues Ameya and Priyanka . These days the Bombay Poona drive is so smooth and with a pit stop at Kamat’s in Khandala for the unmissable breakfast and of course the Saree Pact Photo we were on our way .
Geeta and Jayant Duvedi have both been touched by Cancer . Undergone the trauma of the diagnosis and weathered it all . Never hesitated to stand up and say yes I have cancer . Where is the stigma they ask ? And having lost their dear daughter to cancer a couple of years ago they have become all the more eager to take the message of cancer education with renewed determination.
They are the role models The Max Foundation honoured yesterday . What an honour to know them and be a part of their work.
The school they run for underprivileged children in Pune was the veritable beehive of activity as the mothers and children gathered together to witness their beloved Baba ( we all call him Guru) and Madam Geeta receive their well deserved accolades .
There was a drawing completion arranged for the Moms and Teachers and it was awesome to see the concentration on their faces as they portrayed through colorful images their thoughts on living life with courage and hope amidst all strife . Even the toddlers by their side were quiet enough to allow their Moms to create their works of art ! And all of them in their bright sarees !
Afterwards we all went for lunch to Vishnuji ki Rasoi . The Duvedis’ son , Gaurav runs this wonderful restaurant that serves authentic Maharashtrian food …and it is our Adda after every patient support group meeting in Pune that we go to for some real time bonding .

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