55/100 #100sareepact is Shoshthi night cozy Adda moment….
#ShadesOfBlue is a passion for me and when the adda zone too turns out to be an amazing marine blue region, it gives a kick from within..
Being an avid lover of blue and it different shades, this 55/100 cotton piece was definitely an impulse buy from Sudeshna di’s #Firaangi Desi
The fabric, the colour combinations were irresistible. I felt as if this specific piece was destined to be mine and worn for this blue dream-room.

Over few months # Makeover Madness.It’s about what suits YOU!! has been a silent part of my life.
At times I visit, I learn, praise the techniques, and check-out this magical zone…I relish this virtual tour.

This year, Shoshthi was the first day when I got introduced to this real green-room that is actually ‘Blue’ 😉 The room was cozy, and echoed a wonderful vibe… the people, the stories made it more special.

My Shoshthi evening look with the 55/100 #PujoSaree series would not have been complete without this amazing ear –piece, a special gift which perfectly got paired with a heavy neck-piece of my earlier collection.

The images reflect ‘make up’ is nothing but an outcome of one’s inner beauty, naturally.
Proper make-up is simple that enhances the femininity and highlights my highs and subdues those not so perfect areas of mine.
Please note, I did not go through any make up sessions in this blue room this night but these new friends, pure adda, laughing sessions became my perfect make up accessories for all the current odds/lows……

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