14/100 – Meet my mom, the person who inspired the love of saree in me. She has worn sarees day in, day out as far back as I can remember. She wears it so often and with such ease that at some point, I started thinking that wearing saree is easy and everyday. Also, she has spent endless hours showing me how to do the pallu and fold the pleats. She has taught me the subtle art of walking in a saree too. The lessons in sarees from her is not just about the six yards but also about life itself – how you carry it, speaks volumes!

The red chiffon is a gift from mom from April this year. We bought matching sarees for a puja that my dad was hosting however I fell sick first week of April and I couldn’t wear it. And by April 25th, the earthquake had arrived with the fleet of aftershocks which still continues six months later. This saree was going to be my first ‪#‎100sareepact‬ saree but I waited almost 6 months to actually wear it. The days, and months after the quake were so traumatic that joining the #100sareepact was the last thing on my mind. It’s only now that I feel more confident to wear a saree again. The last six months have been very heavy on our minds and hearts. I hope that next six would be better.

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