79/100 @ #100sareepact

Sinduri. The name that suits her to a tee. I wore her the day I entered the Roy household. It’s meaningless without that photo… I’ve added it as I have found it hanging on a collage of sorts on the wall. My teacher, Shankar sir said that it looks as though “I’ve arrived! Take note!” …

Now, last year that is, I wore this Saree again after many years … It’s a south cotton and I’m sure it has a specific name, so help me with it somebody! @#100sareepact! Please ….

It’s got red flowers on a maroon body and golden flowers and a broad border with golden paisleys. On a handloom weave. Most importantly it’s the best gift I received for my wedding: this had been a Saree worn by the Durga idol in our ashram and I’m lucky to have it with me intact. That’s why I wear it so carefully and rarely!

This for sindoor daan, was quite appropriate …

Compare 1986 with 2014.

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