#100 sareepact 5/100
Long years ago, this stunning Parsee gara literally fell into my lap! I had dropped by to my very talented and dear designer friend, Raja Biswas’s workplace to say hullo. He had literally just wound up a showing of these hand-embroidered beauties in Calcutta. The saris had barely come off the ramp!!
I had attended a Catholic convent school all my life (the best one in the whole wide world, I daresay), surrounded by Parsee friends. We were only too familiar with their history, culture, food, language, their heightened westernized tastes in music, attire, and social etiquette and their special place in Calcutta society.
So yes, coming back to Raja… “Things” were lying carelessly strewn around in his studio, “make one go weak in the knees” sort of things, you know. Things one could ill afford then, and notwithstanding the Ten Commandments, one still coveted them! Suddenly this beauty caught my attention. Couldn’t take my hungry eyes off it. I guess he saw the covetous yet lovelorn look in my eyes, and asked me in our native tongue, a trifle indulgently, as an older brother would, a younger sister, “Tor konta pochhondo?” Which one do you like?” My voice quivering and one finger tentatively pointing to this one, I replied, “Oi ta.”
“Take it”, was his generous response. And it was mine forever.
Every time I don it, I’m inundated with compliments and it’s a fabulous feeling. Thank you Raja! Last night I wore it to an old friend’s dinner do…and guess what? I once again faced a surge of compliments! The blouse is another story, a stunner and a statement in itself.

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