I quit my job.
Reasons: Many
I wanted ME time very badly
The children’s academics were eating into my evenings
Weekends fly….just no time for entertaining guests or watching movies or moving knic knacks around the house or simply sitting back and listening to music I enjoy or browsing through every inch of the newspaper.
I want to cook and bake.
I want to savor my garden.
I want to do up the house all over again.
I want to laze around in the balcony.
I want to catch up on books I missed reading.
I want to sing out loud.
I want to read out to the kids.
I want to call up and connect with friends and relatives.
As of now ….I am savoring every bit of being jobless. And what better way to celebrate than flitting about in the softest of kalamkari cottons all decked up just like the quintessential bahus on the soap operas who cook, wash, scrub and sleep seemingly effortlessly in them…and mind you not a hair out of place. Kudos to Smriti Irani and breed…
Achievement: I managed to spend half the day in it including cooking one meal. Ekta Kapoor….Are you listening?

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