30/100 Big thirty and a big thank you to Anju & Ally for starting this initiative ‪#‎100sareepact‬ .Joined it very enthusiastically but being a occasional saree person was doubtful weather I will be able to go as far100 but my my here I am liking it earnestly ,enjoying it throughly ,practicing it seriously so serious that today I draped it in a most adventurous bengali way, totally not me. Since morning was seeing all beautiful ladies ,specially when Shanthi posted her beautiful saree and she looked wow . As it was on my mind going round and round Anu try kar ,in evening had to visit one dandiya event but same time one of my friend posted Durga puja pandals picture and there I got a chance to drape it the Bengali way. Tried it for the very first time it was quite okay without any difficulty. Bought this saree in beautiful green and gold with a trim of pink from Kolkata it was lying untouched from last one year in my treasure chest of sarees without a fall so was perfectly suited for this style , blouse is still with tailor so wearing another saree’s blouse and not to miss the chabi ka gucha which is my mom in law’s and it’s an very old 1910 King & Emperor EdwardVII coin. At number 30 feeling more comfortable ,more connected more adventurous and confidant.

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