This event could be termed the “Most awaited event of the year”. And yes, I have skipped a few numbers because this saree could not have been any other number but 75! It is the 75th raising day or the Platinum Jubilee year of the battallion. We had been anxiously waiting and planning for the event throughout the year.
And as is evident from the picture this saree MUST have a story. The plan to wear similar sarees on this occassion was taken long ago. But what would be the ideal one for such a momentous accassion was the glaring question? A lot of debates and discussions went into selecting that perfect saree which would look good on all of us and specially make us stand out as hosts for such a historic event. We discussed materials and designs. We argued over colours and weaves. We debated on phulkaris and kanthas. We scoured shops and the Internet.But the decision hanged. Finally we had very little time left and nothing had been finalised …when one day we came across this unique french knot and convent work which was done locally in Ranchi and perhaps outsourced from workers in Kolkata.After some more debates and discussions on the design we wanted and the colour of the thread ,to the material and the colour of the saree, we chose this ivory white colour with roses hand embroidered in aqua green and smaller roses scattered here and there. I also had apprehensions on wearing such a stark white colour because I’ve never worn it before. But ultimately it was a group decision. And some colour and fun was added with a raw silk blouse in the colours of the embroidery and each one got a different designer blouse stitched.
And now it is for the saree pacters to decide whether we made a wise decision.
And I promise to go back to my original number after this Platinum bonanza.
PS: Closeup of embroidery in the comments

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