Durga Ashtami is the most important day during the festival.
It was an early morning pushpaanjali for us since this year Ashtami and Navami have coincided. Pushpanjali is offered holding flowers in hand and reciting sanskrit verses after the priest and thereafter offering the flowers at the feet of the Goddess.
Sandhi poojo is one of the most important rituals during ashtami which marks the interlinking of Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami. The 48 minutes interval or Sandhi when Ashtami Tithi transits into Navami is highly sacred. At this time Durga is worshipped as Chamunda(a form of Kali) who killed the demons Chand and Mund. During this poojo 108 diyas are lit together and witnessing Sandhi pooja is one of the major highs of the festival.
My shaaj for today was a simple black and white cotton ikat with a red border and pallu with stripes of yellow being comfortable and easy to drape during the rush hours in the morning having to dress up the two girls also in their fineries. I wanted to wear a yellow blouse with it but the tailor ditched me. The saree credit once again goes ti Radhika Rathi from Stotra.
There is another angle to the Dussehra celebration which I am part of and about which I will write in another post.
Till then Shubho Ashtami girls!

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