Shob boroder aamar pronam aar chhotoder onek onek bhalobasha.Shubho Bijoya to all of my saree pact friends. The spirit here has been unprecedented. I couldn’t be home for poojo this year but being with you all was like being with family.
Since childhood it was my dream to climb up on that chair on top of random tables arrangement and reach up to put shindoor on Maa. I have loved doing the same thirteen years since marriage. It is a beautiful tradition. Maar boron is done by the seniormost lady or the purohits wife in the barwari after which all ladies take turns in putting the vermillion on Ma Durga and her family. Generally in Bengal each time a daughter leaves her mother’s home to go back to her husband’s place..her mother puts shindoor in her sheete and alta on her feet. The meal cooked on that day must include a fish dish. So on dashami when Maa leaves us to return to Kailash most Bengali households cook maach bhaat. It is considered auspicious.
Saree is a tussar coloured gorod with Ganga Jamuna border of red and orange.
Ally and Anju Thank you for this wonderful family.
Maa tumi aabaar esho…Aasche bochor aabar esho..
Bolo Durga mai ki jai.i

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