#100sareepact Day 46

Every time my mother goes to Lucknow, which is twice a year, she gets me something to wear from there. The spoilt daughter that I am, I pester her about the exact shade of a colour I want.
Why do you get me a pastel every time, can’t you get me something new, something different, I tell her as she opens her suitcase and reveals ‘this time’s’ gift. Once I wanted a particular shade of baby blue and ended up with three different blues before I could get ‘mera wala’ blue.
This pink saree was brought by Mom some four years ago. It has very pretty embroidery, she told me. But I hardly ever wore sarees, I retorted! I didn’t want a pink and organdies made me look so fat. Mumma, please, only salwar kameezes or kurtis for me, now onwards!
During my decluttering, I re-discovered this saree, folded away in a drawer. Shall I give it away, I wondered. I *can* wear it for the pact, though, I decided. In any case, I had the fall attached. It kept lying in my wardrobe another couple of months, because I did not have a matching blouse. Today, I finally decided to wear it with a mis-matched pink blouse. As I was draping it, I saw the gorgeous palla for the first time and enchanted, paused mid way to take a pic. The unusual palla has three concentric quarter circles with beautifully embroidered paisleys, on a corner. It also has an ‘hat ke’ border and vines embroidered diagonally across the body. All in all, exquisite!
Thank you, mother of mine, for tolerating this brat’s tantrums and for being your generous self always!

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