Occasion: Day 9 of Navratras, worshipping Ma Siddhidhatri. She is the one who gives all the siddhis. Siddhi means perfection. When you receive before you even feel the need, and when you receive more than what you need, that is called Siddhi. A sadhak or seeker will get many siddhis on the path. However, if you misuse or run behind them, they will be lost. Siddhidhatri fulfills all desires and bestows powers naturally. May she bless us with her powers.
This is my first saree picture in Navratras so far, that was clicked outside my home, one was clicked at my parent’s home and others at Durga Puja pandal. I enjoyed the festival excitement everywhere; trees and streets were all lit with bright (Diwali) light. One could feel it in the air, the aroma of sandalwood, flowers, agarbatti (incense sticks) and food. And could hear it as well, music playing in Durga Puja Pandals.
I visited one of the pandals along with my child and mother in residential area of my parents, where Durga Puja is celebrating from last 8 days till tomorrow; it is in same hall that was booked by my parents for my wedding also many years before. I was happy to see it decorated with lights, as my wedding was in early morning hours, and then it was decorated with flowers. I saw for the first time thermocol and bamboo decoration for durga puja in the pandal. Also, colored rice art (rangoli) at the pandal entrance. As shoes are not allowed inside pandal, the rice art was covered with chairs’ boundary, joined with thread. That was someone’s creative mind, so it is easier for elders and children to sit comfortably while taking off and wearing their shoes. Inside the pandal, it was a beautiful sight of sound, colors and music, firstly of life size Durga idol, then of people in colorful festival clothing attending the function inside the pandal that had a musical band singing combination of Bengali and Hindi songs, lightning effect. Food stalls outside the pandal.
Seeing my enthusiasm and participation in saree pact, my husband gifted this Chanderi silk saree to me two days back and it came as a surprise. As I had shared in one of my previous saree stories, that he has no idea where to go for saree shopping, so in Gurgaon, he went straight to Fab India (as he knows I go there sometimes) and bought this saree from there. This is my first Turquoise blue (I guess that’s this color?) saree and I got attracted to this one also at first sight 🙂
I read on some saree forum that Sky Blue is the color for day 9. So here is my saree story thinking of the powers of Ma Siddhidhatri.

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