50/100 of #100sareepact is my anniversary gift to Jaji-Jiji, the golden couple 

I admit, this is a much delayed gift, but I also believe the couple will be excited to receive my special innovative gift!!
I waited long for this 50/100 moment to come up with this ‘golden saree tale in this golden date’!

It was the summer of 1965, when a young romantic guy and a daring dusky beauty got married, and eventually paved this 50/100 path. There were hurdles, challenges, still they were destined to meet, create, live and stay together.
50-years of togetherness is not an easy task; it is never easy for any couple.
But it makes me feel how much I have faith in the institution of marriage, even today. It is a lot of learning, adjusting, evolving and ultimately finding happiness & peace from the experiences.

Kuddos to you guys!!! We all were proud to witness this in our family.

GOLDEN Ikkat was my pick to match the ‘Golden date’ i.e. the 50years of their anniversary.
The gorgeous Ikkat is a pure treat for the eyes, having black border with heavy, detailed thread work.
The patterns are unique but traditional. A designer, cut-away sleeveless blouse, the black-gold neck piece, and a yellow marigold flower did the final trick 😉

We planned a surprise gathering for this golden couple. Each of the members reached one by one and gradually they realized our plan. It was one of a kind celebration of togetherness in the family. Elder members to youngest of the lot had super fun and happy times.

Thanks Appa for all these candid shots.
Since childhood you have hardly got featured in family photographs because you were the man behind all these scenes. In my 50/100 story I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of every one of our family for being there and gifting those wonderful memories.
It’s your lenses, and this wonderful ambience that made us all look happier, brighter with lots of LOL captures….

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