Saree story # 19
Occasion: Day 8 of Navratras, worshipping Ma MahaGauri. Gaura varna means white color and that represents purity. Purity comes out of innocence. Gau also means knowledge. May she bless us with her powers.
This paper silk saree was a gift by my sister on the occasion of my child birth in the year 2008. She’d bought it from Angadi Silks Jayanagar, Bangalore. I love this onion color and she being an artist (architect), selected one of the unique sarees, onion colored saree with black thread Kantha work. I had worn this saree once before and today again after many years.
I read on some saree forum that Pink is the color for day 8. So here is my story in a saree that I value much and thinking of the powers of Ma MahaGauri; knowledgeable mind with an innocent heart keep one’s soul pure.
We offered Banana Prasadam to celebrate the occasion.

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