Saree story # 18
Occasion: Day 7 of Navratras, worshipping Ma Kaalaratri. Kaala is time. Time consumes everything in creation, and time is a witness to everything as well. Ratri means deep rest, absolute rest at the level of the body, mind and soul. May she bless us with her powers.
I’m repeating this saree after joining the pact this year. This saree was bought in Bolpur, Kolkata.
I read on some saree forum that White is the color for day 7. In our custom, a married woman is not allowed to wear pure white saree, so here is my story in a saree that has off-white color in it, other than red and black. I love these color combination, and that is why i got attracted to this saree at first sight :); thinking of the powers of Ma Kaalaratri; do your karma and leave rest, over-thinking does not help and it always come full circle at the end.
We offered Banana Prasadam to celebrate the occasion.
I wrapped this saree in my paternal grandma style called seedha pallu. I had seen her only in sarees and that too always in this style.

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