An invite for navratri haldi kumkum, golu darshan was a good enough reason to get this saree out, thanks to the friends who still include me in these rituals.
Over the last few trips my sisters gave me few of their sarees because they were not wearing them anyway. Last week while sorting Sarees I decided it is time for these sarees to go back to their owners.
With plenty of my own now I thougt these sarees should go back home. We will have enough luggage allowance for a change. I struggled so much in last 3 trips with reduced bag allowance. How could airlines decide 23KG*2 is enough for a woman to carry all the stuff to and from India. I miss those 32Kg days. Anyways, before returning these beauties I should at least do the justice to their travel across the continents.
Now on you will see me in some of “sister’s love”.

But when I took this saree out I thought I didn’t have any memories associated with them. I got married in 95 and left India in 96. I just don’t remember their days when they wore these sarees. They are 4, almost 6 and almost 8 yrs younger than me. I was so busy making my life, raising my kids so away from them I don’t even remember when they wore these sarees, no digital cameras, no facebook or whats app and not so frequent trips to India. It made me very sad to think I missed on their first day at work, the first of many things. My mother and father wrote letters, later sister wrote emails everyday but I don’t remember anyone of them in these sarees. I felt thankful for digital cameras, then smart phones, whats app and facebook all over again. Today we talk, message everyday, we don’t even buy anything without exchanging pictures and we know each and every saree and jewelry or shoe we own BUT I still feel sad that I don’t have any stories with these few sarees. I am feeling the pain missing on so many of their fancy, first and fresh young days.
So we will make memories all over again and here comes the first for all of you..
A black and silver silk from Smita’s closet. Didn’t feel like wearing black blouse (thank you Saree pact) so something different with simple gray pearls and simple bangles. The ladies wore the green (the color for today) but I was happy wearing my sister’s love more than anything.

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