Occasion: Day 4 of Navratras, worshipping Ma Kushmanda.
Kushmanda means pumpkin. A pumpkin has many seeds and each seed contains the potential for many more pumpkins. This is representative of the creative power and its eternal nature. The whole creation is like a pumpkin. As Kushmanda, the Devi contains the entire creation within her. She is the Devi who can give you the highest prana (creative energy). May she bless us with her powers.
My husband gifted this saree to me on the occasion of our child’s first Diwali celebration in the year 2008. He bought this from Pothys, Chenani. I loved all shades of green in this and this one remains one of my most favorites.
I read on some saree forum that Green is the color for day 4. So here is my saree story thinking of the powers of Ma Kushmanda; green is the color of nature and nothing is more naturally creative than our Mother Nature.
To celebrate the occasion, I prepared Beans masala learning it yet again from subbuskitchen.com and Suji Halwa Prasadam using my mom’s recipe.
Also, captured rising sun picture offering prayers to Ma Kushmanda.
Our neighbor’s little boy joined us in our prayer time and when he asked for more Prasadam that I had kept in Puja thali, I offered him all, I’m sure Goddess is happy 🙂

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