Occasion: Day 2 of Navratras, worshipping Ma Brahmacharini. She personifies love and loyalty, store-house of knowledge and wisdom; being a tapsavi, she believes in simplicity and get impressed by simple offerings. May she bless us with her powers.
We did our Puja pretty late around 10 pm as it rained heavily in evening in Gurgaon following a dust storm, resulting huge traffic jams and that made my husband return home late after work. Pictures were clicked again after doing Puja and having meals, it was around 11:30 pm. I tried to look energized 🙂
This heavy silk saree was a gift by my brother on the occasion of my sister’s wedding in the year 2003. When my brother thought the bright blue color was appropriate for a young college girl (me), I was not very fond of bright colors then. And as north Indian bride’s sister should look equally vibrant in wedding photos, I agreed to wear this saree on her wedding day.
I’m wearing this saree today after 12 years and I loved its silky smooth feel and the pallu is real magnificent.
My tailor bhaiya, who sits at front gate of our residential society, and who has remained a trusted tailor to even stitch a blouse in few hours at last minute request did not alter blouse of this saree properly. That left me with no choice at last minute, but to wear blouse that was most readily available, from my Day 1 saree of Navratras.
To celebrate the occasion, I prepared Venn Pongal and Sweet Rice Jaggery Puttu / Arisi Vella Puttu, recipes followed of subbuskitchen.com
I read on DO 100 Saree Pact that Blue is the color for day 2. So here is my saree story thinking of the powers of Ma Brahmacharini, one of them is loyalty; Taureans and I’m one of them are ‘considered’ to be loyal 🙂

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