Venue: One of the most well-known bar- lounges of Salt Lake City
Occasion: A colleague’s farewell get-together
Environment: A crazy night surrounded with young happening crowd

Few years back, on a spring night I was to attend one of my colleague’s farewells and in the last minute a very important event got finalized.
I had no way to skip or leave the official event and thus got delayed.
As one of the hosts I was in back- foot, requested others to carry on…
However after much wear and tear, I reached the venue; late, stressed and tired.
I simply did not get a bit of a time to deck- up and change.

Yes it was a Friday night fever and I reached the lounge wearing a SAREE 😉

With music, beats and dance floor, I could not stop myself! Though I really felt very odd, wearing saree to take up the dance floor, soon I was detached with all the inhibition.

The stylish, sassy women crowd thinned … the crazy young men made space…
I took up the floor and danced with my charming colleagues.
It was CRAZY fun!!

46/100 #100sareepact is a real BLAST from PAST 😉
The heavy silk, uncommon pink and brown combination with Batik and golden Aari work did the wonder.
I still remember after the party when we all were down, a young handsome man came up and introduced him. He was there with his wife, and said ‘We both were looking at you. Wearing saree and dancing like this on Friday night in a disc!!! This was a first experience, Talk of the evening. You looked wonderful…”
These words still ring a bell and I feel, Thanks that official event came up, Thanks yo my colleagues who pushed me to be the part of the this get-together and thus I attended it without any so called party party dress…..
46/100 saree thus made a history in my saree pact story.

Stay tuned and I will back with more such crazy stuff!!!

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