I still remember that evening
I still remember that get-together
I still get emotional…
It was a Women’s Day eve, few years back, when we arranged a special interactive evening attended by wonderful women of City of Joy!
The cozy, informal chat took a separate level of discussion through extraordinary stories of each woman.

I have always connected #saree with my #womanhood.
I am a passionate lover for sarees with touchy stories.

Through 45/100 #100sareepact I would love to pass on the message of true womanhood and empowerment of woman.
Trust me none of these woman ever showed any negativity towards men; a true empowered woman never denies and showcase so called/referred ‘feminist’ attributes.
It’s humanity over all. As a woman I have always been supported and guarded by men.

45/100 is a heavy off white silk with Ganga-Jamuna (opposite borders different colours) border.
The Ranee and Green colour give an attractive contrast look.
As a woman I felt very connected with strong and dignified personalities.
As advised by sis, Sahely I recited one of her favourite poems on that evening.
It worked as a magic; an exceptionally beautiful poem. It was my tribute to all those better creations of the nature- The Women.
Check this poem, Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

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