Woman of substance” by Barbara Taylor Bradford has been my favourite book always. Though I didn’t like other books written by her. Today remembering a quote ” Woman of substance is a woman of power, woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning”. We have so many such women around us in different fields of life. Met one more today in Hotel association meeting, Dr Nidhi Pandey our new Collector. Was impressed by sincerity with which she is trying to make Aurangabad a better city.
Hope she gets support from politicians and people of Aurangabad in her efforts to make a difference.

Wore this black Chanderi which has very unique sky blue pallu. And borders have lovely red stipe. Chanderis and Maheshwaris dominate my wardrobe.. With Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal Kadam Anjali Pratap Kapoor Anu

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