Those years when I would pick up sarees without knowing their names, the origin of the fabric or the numerous other factors that defined it’s worth are a passe !!!

Perhaps with the passage of time we all take things a little bit more seriously than we used to and become a little more enlightened, at least that is what I feel. Nah I don’t like to call it maturity coz I don’t wanna be so, but yes, ‘Father Time’ has this tremendous ability to instill in us a sense of valuing every little thing with a renewed thought process.

It is now, that every time I buy a saree, the inquisitive self satiates the keenness to know its name, type, fabric or for that matter the art form that depicts thru the weave by asking the salesman about it. Also fosters learning about the threads or colours that go into the making of the saree.

Being on the Sareepact has numerous fringe benefits. All this while, I had only heard about a Kalamkari saree. You could call me super ignorant for I really would not wear sarees frequently or go hunting for something special except for some special occasions. Then as if a deluge of beautiful weaves, the 6 yard beauties showcased by some ravishing women on the pact almost had me awash in a heavenly kind of a light. The light almost led me from the darkness of ignorance to the light from where there is no looking back. In this process, I discovered what a Kalamkari saree is. All hand painted by skilled craftsman, it can have one dumbstruck in awe as to how a pen (Kalam) can be a source of such rich art (Kari)…. Beautiful depictions from our mythology on this cotton textile makes it come alive all radiating and exuding a priceless garment. And all organic colours, is what makes a Kalamkari a strikingly natural piece of beauty.

An old school me is usually hesitant for online purchases. But then often you have to chop off some branches from the tree of cynicism that is so deep rooted within you to explore and find novel things in life. I did and Lo!! A friend in Annapoorni I discovered and this beautiful saree which all this while would make flashes in my dreams, turned into reality and came flying to me ?

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