Last month a Professor was discussing the pact with me and asked many questions. What kind of women are in the pact, he asked. Traditional ? Modern ? He wanted to know if we worked or stayed at home. Did we wear sarees all the time ?

Professor lives and teaches in Europe and had a genuine interest in the pact and the women that had embraced it. I told him all about us, what we did, who we are and that we wear not just the saree but other attires too.

Prompt came the question : How is the transition between western clothes and Indian clothes for you ? Seamless, I said.

The talk shifted to India in general and how he sees it as a country of contrasts. Modern and traditional, new and old. He said he observed Indians lead dual lives almost, part rooted in traditions & rituals and another part connected to the world village through technology.

So who are we ? These saree wearing, selfie clicking women on the pact ?

The recent saree date showed me our many faces.Young and old women coming straight from work on a Monday evening to share a drink. A few stealing time from their home routine to join them. Lawyer, teacher, designer, care giver, home maker, techy, entrepreneur, restauranteur, architect, media professional, writer, CEO, photographer, biker babe, textile expert these were a few profiles that we met that day.

For me, there was one quick moment that encapsulated who we are.

Momi stood up to propose a toast to the pact and everyone joined in raising their sangria and juice glasses in unison. A few seconds later, Viji Venkateshwalked towards our table and Garima got up from my side to greet her. I couldn’t hear what they said to each other, but the young woman bent down and touched Amma’s feet and then they hugged. Next they both turned to take a photo.

We are all that.

The women who raised their glasses in celebration unaware of the attention they got in a public restaurant, the woman who bent her head to pay her respects and the woman who hugged her back.

We are all that. We are the #100sareepact.

Saree #88 #100sareepact posing in a style made famous on the pact by Garima. The saree is a gift from a lovely friend. I got tonnes of work done today. So this goes straight into my good-for-work saree pile.

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