A pure white silk Patola I bought from Kala Niketan in 1994 . I fell in love with the red gold and green ( The Boy George song?!!!) paisley motifs along the narrow border and the flamboyant peacocks on the Pallu, A wary and careful purchase – my first time ever at THE Kala Niketan which in those days was the Mecca of Saree shopping in Bombay. And expensive ! It meant a big dent in my carefully saved kitty .

I had been working for maybe seven years and on an NGO salary . But the occasion was special. My first presentation at an International Cancer Conference being held in Delhi .

Cancer Awareness and Early Detection at the Workplace . I was as nervous as I could possibly have been but everyone kept telling me that I looked good and the Saree was very elegant and very professional.

I guess I must have made an impression for the conference observers took note and I was offered a fellowship to go train at the Queensland Cancer Fund in Brisbane and truly it was from there my career in cancer took off !

Cut to 2015 and two decades later here I am in that very Saree but Oh My God look at the fun I am having will you ?

The Bangalore Saree Date organized by Anju and no body warned me that the Bangalore Pacters were this irreverent and irrepressible lot ! Totally unmanageable and making me do the most atrocious and madcap stuff ever !!! Very infectious these bevy of beauties and their shenanigans !!! Of course you don’t see me complaining do you ?

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