So I get to the last ten soon ! Saree no. 90 is a chirpy kind of georgette in a dull lavender and cream with some nice work on it . My first ” half saree ” and over a decade old . I always felt it was a “young ” saree and felt awkward wearing it . Bought it on an impulse from my favourite Pitamabri on Warden Road .

Sunday in Bangalore had been set aside for a couple of family visits . Most of my trips are work related and I rarely have time for catching up with family but this time I did have a Sunday and a very special person to go and pay my respects to. My Periamma , Maiji’s sister who turned 100 a few months ago and who was visiting her grandson here . I had been unable to join the family celebration on the special day and here was such a great chance to receive her blessing !!

Ankichi Periamma as we all call her has always been a family favourite ..the eldest of our aunts and always there when we would go to Trivandrum for our summer holidays and an idolised figure and constant in our childhood memories . Not only were we treated and pampered always as her young charges , many of her own siblings who were born after she herself was married looked up to her as a mother figure .
My mother Maiji has a charming story about her adored older sister that I can never tire hearing about .
Ma was a tomboy running around all the time with her hair flying all over the place and her clothes all crumpled and marked with signs of her outdoor shenanigans as she played with her younger brothers and cousins . One morning her beloved married sister was visiting and seeing her disheveled state , called Ma to her side and gently admonished her . She spoke to her little sister about this young girl in far away America who was the same age as her and worked for her living and was always so well dressed and nearly turned out , not a hair in place and having to go to the studio every day and do what the Director told her to do . Her name ? Shirley Temple , the child actor ! Maiji says this made a deep impression on her .

Seeing Periamma was such a joy ! She loved posing for the Selfie and her smile has lit a hundred lamps in my heart . She made me feel I was a young girl all over again . Her little niece !!!
Psst…so maybe the “young” Saree was not a bad choice today !!

Another long awaited and immensely enjoyable visit was with the family of my husband’s cousin .Balachandran Anna and I have met a few times in the four decades and more that I have been a part of this family called Parukutty Vamsham but it is through Face Book I must confess that we have really enjoyed reconnecting and sharing common interests and such like .

We spent a lovely afternoon poring over old photograph albums and catching up with fun family gossip and I even met my nephew for the first time as an adult , immediately of course commissioned as the official photographer !!!

A delightful Sunday indeed

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