I actually don’t remember when I bought this Saree . Definitely more than ten years ago from Gaurisaraiya on Theatre Road or Shakespeare Sarani as it is also called , in Calcutta.

A Kanjeevaram with its trademark temple border and Ikkat all over its Pallu . The fine pista stripes all over the body add a depth to the ivory silk . I loved the Saree so much I bought its companion piece in orange too …

Day 2 in Bangalore and two big events at the Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre , such a lot of planning and patients coming from different cities and then the dreaded Bandh !!!

But then what’s a mere Bandh I say ! The hospital is open and the volunteers are charged and Jairam who is my Sarathy here says if Madam can be ready at 6:30 am then he will get me to Hosur Rd before all the expected unrest begins .

So we step out on time with Vicky once again the official Saree Pact Photographer . . Determined to beat the Bandh . Neither that nor the rain will dear us !

Clear roads on an early morning and we are at our destination in less than half an hour and have a couple of hours at least to kill before we can report and Vicky says , Amma let me take you to the Jain Temple just down the road . It’s beautiful ! And so it was and we spent a peaceful hour in its peaceful environment the rain having washed the already spotless surroundings and giving it all a shimmering , pearly white .
More Saree Pact photos says my trigger happy iPhone marksman and I submit ! Not that I needed much persuasion !!!

Then as our stomachs rumbled with hunger we find this little Standing Table Tops Only joint on the Highway and oh the Deliciousness of the Dosa is to Die For !!

Finally it is time to get to the Cancer Centre and despite the Bandh the participation is awesome and both the Chai for Cancer Adda and our Support Group Meeting underway and well attended and by the end of day we are a happy , satisfied bunch .

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