#67 Every girl is her Father’s Princess and her Husband’s Queen. Words like Bitiya Rani and Bahu Rani proclaims it. We all have a hidden princess/queen in us. Don’t we?

As kids, when we would watch those Cinderalla or Alice movies and their big castles, we would always find ourselves there.
Whenever I visit old palaces and forts, I always wonder how the queens must have lived there centuries ago. Their lifestyle, clothes, recreation, food, etc.. all makes me wonder. Those Jheels where the queen would go and do boating or those swimming pools like Bawdis where they would do elaborate bathing or those Jharokhas where they would sit and watch their kingdom or Gulistaans where they would play with their friends.Those elaborate wardrobes of rich fabrics, weavings and embroideries in the form of sarees, shawls and ghagras they had and those handcrafted and exquisite jewellery worn on different parts of their bodies.

This decades old silk saree with rich and eloquent weaving woke up the queen in me. I have matched it with kasu mala and gokhru.It is said that every woman is a Queen.We just need to think of ourselves like one!