“Bahaaron par karo gussa ulajhti hain jo aankhon se
Havaaon par karo gussa jo takraati hain zulfon se
Kahin aisa na ho koi tumhaara dil bhi le jaye
Zara nazron se keh do ji nishaana chook na jaye
Zara nazron se keh do ji….”

This song got stuck in my thoughts after gorgeous Sunnanda, one of my saree sister commented on my facebook profile picture. It’s one of my favourite song by Hemant Kumar filmed on one of the most beautiful woman Vahida Rehman. The reason I am wearing this saree today is because this is ”Bees Saal Pehele ki Sari” and while choosing what to wear today, I was humming this song which is from the movie ”Bees Saal Baad.” 😀

This is one more of my Bagh print saree in Mulmul from Bhopal which I bought around my marriage in traditional block printing. 🙂

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