This catchy combo and amazing print in contrast pattern is a satin saree I picked up from Delhi .
Browsing shops in Sarojini market for that one odd good shirt or scarf you find in the maze that surrounds you …hundreds of shops selling artefacts , Jewelry , clothes , sweaters I love spending time there. Well while lazily walking around with a cup of coffee in hand I spotted this store called ” Mame Di Hatti” with amazing satin sarees displayed in the showcase . On entering I find this enthusiastic salesman draping the sarees and using his best salesman talk to convince me to buy , little knowing I was already in love with this beautiful print. I said ” oh this is so lovely looks like a Satya Paul with its bold print n pat comes his rejoinder ” madam yeh Satya Paul hi to hai ” smile emoticon Priced at less than a thousand bucks this guy had zilch idea that you needed to add a couple more zeroes to even try n sell it as a Satya Paul . Original or a copy a lovely saree is just that …a lovely saree !
Have teamed it with multilayer oxidised chains designed by of course Nnazaquat