Some things in life are meant to be yours and they have an uncanny way of coming to you at the right time.Like this beautiful hand embroidered lucknowi chiffon saree. During one of my shows in Hyderabad at the Novotel organised by the Magna Group , an exhibition called Society Lifestyle Exhibition I spotted this saree on the first day at a Saree stall owned by a Bengali lady right at the entrance. The first day being hectic with display and stuff I decided to come back for it later and forgot about it that evening as we wound up around 10 p.m and were dead tired with travelling the previous night by road from Bangalore and being on my toes all day. Same thing repeated the next day , I walked in and saw the lady dressing this saree on the mannequin and didn’t have to heart to tell her to undrape it as she had taken quite some time with her effort and was being helped by her 3 Bengali friends who had traveled with her from kolkata for the exhibition.That evening again we left the venue in a hurry as we shared one car among 5 friends and had to rush back to town which was a good 30 minutes drive.
Next 3 days were a mad rush of fantastic sales , amazing Hyderabadi clients with big hearts and big purses which didn’t give me much time for anything.
Last day we wound up the show and while packing I took a breather to get myself a coffee at 11.30 p.m and as I walk to the coffee booth I cross this stall and to my utter surprise and joy I see that although this lady has almost packed her entire stall this particular saree is kept on the counter! Well, it was but natural that I walk to it and make it my own after all it was destined to be mine smile emoticon This lady whose name I forget smiles and says ” You had your eye on this from day 1 probably that’s the reason it didn’t get sold