An Ikkat from a hand loom exhibition I was at in Bhubaneswar a few years ago. A dull olive green border and Pallu , with mustard and white thread work on it ; the Pallu really elaborate . The modest grey weave on the body of the saree, the dull green and one would think the saree would be a bit drab ? But you drape it and voila!!! the magic of Ikkat and the silken feel of the fine cotton makes you feel like you are wearing a Queen’s raiment no less. The beauty and grace of an Ikkat is royal indeed . It remains my favourite weave.

Yesterday , my last day in Bombay before the Ganesh Visarjan and also the first since the Sthapna of the idol . In other words between all my travel this was the one day I had to pay my respects to Lord Ganesha . No matter that a segment of our Bombay population has allowed this beautiful festival of a beloved God to degenerate into a loud and sadly at times obscene display of wanton merriment , this always remains a special time of the year .

As for Ganesha himself , he remains my most beloved , benign and beauteous deity of them all. He is the original Scribe , the besotted son of his mother and the unafraid son of his father and the wily brother who , while Subramanian undertook the world tour , simply went around the Universe his parents represented . Ganesha who wears his Elephant head with so much panache and eons before any of us , used the mouse to navigate the World Wide Web !!!!

The day began with His Darshan , early enough to be just a little tete a tete between the two of us and he posed ever so sweetly for the mandatory Selfie ( he is also the most sporting of all Deities…doesn’t even grumble a whit when we submerge him in all kinds of waters year after year so what’s a Selfie ?) and then began my manic day.

9am sitting with the dentist and then meetings in the office , a quick lunch at the awesome Poornima opposite Peninsula with my own besotted(I hope) son . The Dosai and Medu Vadas were to die for yesterday and the owner Pramod’s ministrations too kind. Back to work and catching up with tonnes of work as travel would begin again today . As I was packing up after bidding the team a good, long weekend , in walked a young man , nervous and newly diagnosed. It was tough to tell him he would have to come back on Monday but over a glass of chilled orange juice he relaxed and one was able to instil a little confidence and courage in him.

On the way back I told Azim we would stop by the Bandra florist and take home some blossoms and bread for Appa ; a bribe and / or placatory offering to the Lord and Master at home as I was abandoning him yet again for a couple of days .

And lo behold who do we run into loitering there !! None another than another Ganesha , one that treads the terra firma but equally benign and benevolent , remover of obstacles and wily and charming and knowledgable and witty and with such a way with words and just the best friend one can ever have !! The inimitable Dr Jude Vaz .

Of course he was quick to explain he was NOT loitering , did I mind please ? But , like me , on a placating errand for his spouse the lovely Anita , picking up some victuals from Andora’s . And did I think I could set foot in his territory and go away with with seeing him ?Azim , not to let this serendipitous happening go undocumented began clicking away and said to me later , OK here , Amma I got you some more Saree Pact Pictures . Now Doctor Saheb will have to be in today’s Saree Story .

So there’s my saree story for the day which ended so awesomely with a
quick coffee at Cafe Andora and Rye Bread from American Express Bakery .

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