As shared earlier I have created #Black&White series as one of the sareepact themes for my stories.
B/W series represents elegance and gorgeousness to me. I have shared 2 stories in my saree pact earlier also.

This 42/100 #100sareepact is a wonderful black/white checks patterned cotton saree. The design is 50/50 on a horizontal outline. Simplicity is the USP of this Byloom collection.

Last Puja while I just went to check the collection with an intention to buy something colourful/gorgeous for the Puja; when this B/W piece stole my attraction.
An unlike traditional Puja saree, I simply picked this cotton kota, with my impulsive behaviour.
As if, at once I got connected with its simple and elegant nature.
Sarees come in front with their ‘living’ characters to me.

This year, I wore this in one of the cultural evenings at the office.
Purposely chose to pair it with a contrast golden blouse and gold/black jewellery…!!!
In the mid of dark shades of the night, my white & black checks became prominent and ‘Talk of the Eve’ 

Very simple, very common combination; but when gets draped with a colourful mind and happiness, even the black/white colour combination emerges loads of colour and vibrancy is what I feel.

To my surprise while creating this 42/100 moment, I realized this can be described as my ‘checkmate saree’; indeed guys it has a feel of chessy or checksy is up to you!!! 😉 😉

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