#62 This is the first saree I ever wore. Though it belongs to my mother, she gave it to me few years back. It was my farewell party in 12th grade and all girls were suppose to wear sarees. Most of my friends bought new sarees but I choose to wear my mother’s 5years old saree then. So, technically this saree is 30years old. But the shine of silk is as good as any new saree. Of course the blouse is not 30 years old. 😀 This was a gift she got from my father’s friend who had saree business in Hyderabad.

I remember clearly, we did a ramp walk flaunting our beautiful sarees and it was fun. I received a prize for my 100% attendance in 12th standard.

I come from a north indian family and in my family girls wear sarees only after marriage. So this was entirely a different experience. I was shy and uncomfortable to wear a well fitted blouse as my midriff was showing and till now I was only use to of wearing loose clothes. I insisted on getting a little longer blouse and wear a high waist petticot. I looked like a clown. 😀 So, my mother and one of my sister-in-law convinced me and helped me in draping saree properly. I looked pretty decent then and had a good time.

Today, I wearing this for a Ganpati darshan at my friends place.

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