54/100. Third week of September and the summer heat is still in full swing in Kolkata. But, hot or not, it’s time to start putting away the light-weight cottons.

So, before this simple haajar buti taant goes into hibernation for this year, one last outing it was. A sunny Sunday morning when I decided to run some errands in a saree. So, pinned and pleated and hair all bunned up, I was out of the door quite early for a Sunday.

But, not before spending a leisurely half hour deciding what plants will bring colour to our winter of 2015-’16 since it’s time to plan our winter plantings – matching an empty pot to seedling, a sunny spot to a sunflower and a shady one for my roses. And, time also to mull about which of my winter sarees are to come out of the closet to help me reach my 100. ?

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